Why DiveAssure

What makes DiveAssure your best choice? All programs offer primary coverage. We are dedicated to providing high-quality benefits for our members, including diving insurance. With our commitment to excellence in diving accident coverage, you are guaranteed the best plans and services. Our plans can be tailored to your specific needs to save you money.

Primary Insurance

Unlike other programs, the diving insurance available to DiveAssure members is Primary Insurance (as opposed to secondary insurance) which means faster payment and less hassle to you. A primary policy will, as a rule, pay to the service providers directly and without delay, disregarding any other policy that you or others may have. Having primary coverage can save you unnecessary expense and anxiety in times of distress. Additionally, filing a claim on a primary basis will not, in most cases, affect your health insurance rates.

Medical Advice

In the event that a diving medical emergency occurs, you want the best information available. DiveAssure consults highly experienced physician medical experts for advice when medical questions arise.

DiveAssure has a long history of providing expert and up-to-date advice on all types of diving medical emergencies. Physicians are available 24/7, and direct consultations can be arranged for both individual members and partner dive businesses. Toll-free operators are available 24 hours a day to arrange physician-to-physician contacts and other emergency services to ensure the safest and most efficient evacuation and treatment for DiveAssure’s clients. DiveAssure can also facilitate non-emergency contacts with physicians for advice on non-emergent medical issues related to diving, such as medical fitness to dive.

We know diving. We know insurance

Based on over 20 years dedicated to serving the diving community, with expertise gained through helping hundreds of thousands of divers in the USA and all over the world, you are guaranteed the best available programs, designed specifically for divers. Should you require our help with claims or emergencies you will find that our dedication and knowledge of diving and dive-travel insurance makes a significant difference.

You can tailor your membership to meet your specific needs

Why pay for what you don’t need? You can tailor your membership to suit your specific needs.  Depending on the membership level, benefits vary from basic diving accident insurance or single-trip insurance to premium annual multi-trip travel insurance.  The travel plans available to our members can closely match the cost of your trip. For those going on a liveaboard trip, the Liveaboard Rider available to our members provides coverage for unique scenarios such as missing the boat’s departure and lost diving days due to many reasons