Claims Procedures

Our carriers in liaison with Robin Assist, that handle claims, are dedicated to providing quick and friendly service to members that have emergencies and claims.

To start a new claim:

  1. Click here to download a claim form.  
  2. Submit your claim via email to or via Fax at +1 330 366-1565

Contact the customer service team at

  • If you need assistance with obtaining a claim form
  • For assistance filling out your claim form
  • To inquire about your claim status

Making your claims process easier:

  • Are you in need of a decompression chamber treatment, hospitalization or evacuation? Call our 24/7 assistance hotline. Make sure to get copies of medical documents after receiving treatment locally. 
  • If an airline loses your gear, notify the airline of the loss immediately, fill in a report and keep a copy/photo.
  • Report a theft to local police within 24 hour and make sure to obtain a written report. 
  • Before filing a claim check whether your airline, hotel or dive operator will reimburse you partially, in full or not at all. (If no reimbursement is given, have them provide a letter stating this). 
  • Always add your travel proofs when filing a claim for losses outside of home country.