Become a DiveAssure Partner

Running a diving business or a dive-travel agency and not yet offering DiveAssure to your clients? Become a DiveAssure partner today.

Refer your clients to the best diving accident and dive-travel protection plans available and earn referral fees – year after year. DiveAssure offers PRIMARY coverage for medical and evacuation expenses, decompression chamber treatments, trip cancellation/interruption, loss of diving days and diving equipment and more. To learn about the DiveAssure insurance programs click here. Becoming a DiveAssure partner is free.

DiveAssure offers coverage for your Open Water students. Once certified, your students will be invited to upgrade to one of our annual programs and when they do, you will receive the registration fee, since you introduced them to us.
DiveAssure shares its profits with you. As a DiveAssure partner you earn from each member referred to DiveAssure. Moreover, you keep earning those fees year after year when the members renew their programs.
Emergency assistance is provided 24/7. Duke Dive Medicine’s diving physicians are available 24/7 to assist both you and your clients with any case of diving accident worldwide. Non emergency medical hotline is available to DiveAssure members including information on diving safety and diving fitness.
Contact DiveAssure now and start offering your divers and diving students the best, while earning from each referral year after year. To receive full information and instructions and see how easy and profitable it is to partner with DiveAssure, click here to send us an email, and we will get in touch with you.