DiveAssure Membership

We are a group of avid and enthusiastic divers who care about the oceans and diving. For over 20 years we have been striving to help divers world-wide to get access to safety and advise on diving medical and dive travel issues. We offer to our members an array of benefits, services and discounts on various diving services as well as access to essential insurance protection plans that are not available otherwise.

We believe strongly that as divers, we have a responsibility to give back and devote much of our resources to that end. We support a number of charities and NGOs that strive to protect the planet, save the oceans and its inhibitors, and shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. We urge our members to join us in these efforts and help us make a difference. Click here to see our list of membership benefits.

You are welcome to become a member and enjoy all the benefits. If you so choose, you can register for basic membership ($29 for an individual and $49 for a family), check out right after and add insurance benefits anytime throughout your membership period.