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Finding the right and most suitable policy to cover your next trip can be tricky. With the variety of programs and providers out there, it may be hard to understand the differences between the many travel insurance programs. Travel insurance exists to protect your investment, and cover you medical bills if things go wrong. It will also cover your lost luggage, trip delays, missed connections and much more. Choosing the right travel insurance program will give you peace of mind and therefore you need to make sure that you have the coverage you need for the type of trip you go on.
Diving trips are basically a regular trip or vacation, however, the main activity of diving requires some additional insurance benefits that will cover diving specific scenarios, like treatment at a hyperbaric chamber.

When travelling, keep the emergency number you received at a handy place. You can also program the phone number into your cell phone to make sure you have it at all times. Make sure to have your policy number and know the name of your travel insurance company. You can call the emergency help line for assistance even if your case is not a medical emergency and you simply require travel assistance due to an interruption, delay and more.
Filing a claim back home is generally straightforward – you will need to submit some forms, so keep receipts, get police reports and all other evidence you have to support your claim. If the claim is investigated and accepted, you should normally be reimbursed within a few weeks. If not, an appeal process is always available.

Yes, our single-trip travel insurance programs are offered at a discounted rate for non-diving trips or non-diving family members.

When going on a diving vacation outside your country of residence you should purchase a travel insurance program, single or annual-multi-trip. If you are only diving while traveling and plan on one vacation you should get a single-trip travel program, however, if you are going on more than one trip this year, consider the multi-trip program to cover all trips outside your country of residence. Our travel programs include coverage for diving and non-diving related injuries. Please note that our travel insurance plans will only cover you while diving and traveling outside your country of residence. For further information click here.

If you dive locally (within your country of residence) you should have an annual diving accident program to cover all of your diving activities. This coverage is valid worldwide but will only cover you in case of a diving related injury.

A single-trip travel program will cover you for one specific trip, diving or a non-diving trip. An annual multi-trip travel program will cover you on any number of diving or non-diving trips throughout your year of coverage. Programs include coverage for diving and non-diving related medical expenses, emergency medical evacuations, hyperbaric treatments, trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed connection, baggage loss and much more.
General travel insurance may cover your trip adequately, however, it will not include lost diving days, missed liveaboard departure and more.
Be sure to purchase travel insurance as soon as you put down the first deposit for your trip. This will protect your investment.