Programs and Coverage

Q: Do I need to be a member of DiveAssure before buying a program?  

A: Membership fees are included in the price of the programs. You become a member upon purchase.

Q: How do I create a DiveAssure account?

A: When registering to one of our membership plans, you will be asked for an email address and a password. At the end of the process your account will be automatically created and you will receive a welcome email with your login details.

Q: How are DiveAssure’s travel programs different?

A: As opposed to other travel insurance programs, our dive-travel programs include full diving accident medical coverage and other unique benefits for divers such as lost diving days and our exclusive Liveaboard Rider. Divers not carrying a separate diving accident program will still benefit from full coverage with our dive-travel programs. Please note that our travel insurance plans will only cover you while diving and traveling outside your country of residence.

Q: Single Trip vs Multi Trip: Which start date should I choose?

A: For single trip coverage choose the exact dates of your trip when you plan to leave home and when you plan to return.
For Multi-trip coverage choose the date you want your cancellation coverage to kick in, regardless of your departure date. If you choose a future start date you will not be covered for cancellation up until that date. Choose carefully!

Q: Do the programs have a depth limit?  

A: DiveAssure has no depth limits (as long as standards and protocols are followed and the diver is certified accordingly). Diving to a depth past your certification level will not be covered.

Q: How much do chambers and evacuation cost?

A: Chamber and evacuation costs can be quite costly and vary depending on the extent of the injury and the distance required to evacuate a member.  

Q: Does DiveAssure work with a pre-approved list of service providers?

A:  We are able to provide payment to all service providers.

Q: What do you mean by “country of residence”?

A: Country of residence is the country where you spend at least 180 days per year, regardless of nationality or passport.

Q: Do the DiveAssure plans have age limitations?

A: The DiveAssure diving accident plans provide coverage to divers from at least 8 years of age but no more than 75 years of age.  Under our dive-travel plans, we welcome young travelers from age 2 weeks and up.

Q: Can I purchase your programs even if I am not diving?

A: Yes. Our travel programs offer cancellation, interruption and other travel coverages as well as non-diving medical coverage. Travel insurance exists to protect your investment, and cover your medical bills if things go wrong. It will also cover your lost luggage, trip delays, missed connections and much more.

Q: If I use frequent flyer miles to purchase a ticket, do I include the ticket as part of my trip cost?

A: No. You should only include non-refundable expenses for which you have proof of purchase.

Q: How much does travel insurance cost?

A: Premiums for our travel programs are calculated based on cost of trip, duration and age of the member, therefore, prices vary. Our online quote system found on the homepage of the DiveAssure website, www.diveassure.com, provides quick and easy quotes.  

Q: I think I’m ready to buy. What’s the best way to purchase a program?

A: In order to purchase a program you can either register yourself online using our quote system found on the homepage of the DiveAssure website, www.diveassure.com, or call our customer support team on the national numbers indicated on our website .

Q: What is the right time to purchase travel insurance?

A: Be sure to purchase travel insurance as soon as you put down the first deposit for your trip. This will protect your investment.

Q: When is it too late to buy travel insurance?

A: You can purchase travel insurance up to 24 hours before departure. Please note that some benefits may not apply if you purchase coverage up to 14 days before departure. Please review the full terms and condition of the relevant program for details.

Q: Is there a discount available for non-diving trips?

A: Yes, our single-trip travel insurance programs are offered at a discounted rate for non-diving trips or non-diving family members.

Q: Can I register a group?

A: Yes. Groups of ten or over receive a 10% discount. To register a group we still require all member info, including name, date of birth, address, phone and email. For details and registration please contact us.

Q: How do I choose cancellation amount? What is included?

A: When choosing cancellation coverage include all non-refundable purchases related to the trip that you would like to claim back in the event that you trip is cancelled.  

Q: What if I have more than one destination?

A: When registering for single trip coverage choose the destination you will be spending most of your time in. You will be covered throughout your coverage dates regardless of the destination country chosen.

Q: Do I have to get liveaboard rider to be covered on a liveaboard?

A: The Liveaboard Rider offers additional coverages for unforeseen scenarios unique to liveaboards. You will be covered on a liveaboard for diving accidents and general travel under all our travel programs, however the Liveaboard Rider offers (U.S. residents) more enhanced coverage specific to liveaboard trips, such as:

  • Missing the liveaboard departure due to airline delays and/or missed connections.
  • Lost diving days due to various reasons such as:
  • Inclement weather
  • Mechanical breakdown of liveaboard vessel
  • Mechanical breakdown of air supply
  • Financial default of liveaboard company
  • Your own medical inability to dive
  • Diving accident to another passenger onboard causing the boat to abort planned diving

Please note: Non-U.S. residents can purchase Dive & Travel Plus