General, Personal and Products Liability

Policy Coverage:

The policy covers your liability for bodily injury and/or property damage as a result of your professional activity as a diving facility and/or as a diving professional including the delivery of a defective product or the transfer of defective work.

Limit per one occurrence:                                                                                                                                      € 20,000,000

Aggregate group policy limit for period:                                                                                                                € 40,000,000

Main additional benefits (sub-limits and deductibles apply):

  • Environmental impairment
  • Travel operator insurance
  • Diving Boats liability (up to 12 meters long)
  • Use of internet
  • Goods in care
  • Criminal defense costs
  • Crisis containment costs
  • Loss prevention costs
  • Consultation costs
  • Available to diving facilities and professionals of all approved certifying agencies (See list).

  • Available to liveaboards – no additional premium.

  • Coverage includes equipment liability.

  • No additional charge for rebreather or technical diving.

  • Rates include all fees and taxes, are for a full year. Payment is final.

Please Note: This is only a summary of the coverage. In any case of discrepancy between this information; whether original or translated, the description of coverage will govern. Click here to review the description of coverage.