Dive&Travel Insurance

Finding a suitable travel insurance policy to cover your trips is not an easy task. When comparing different travel insurance programs you will find major differences in the level of coverage between the different programs on the market. The challenge is even bigger when going on a dive trip. Divers are not always aware of their special insurance needs as well of the specific knowledge and experience that is required when treating diving accidents in remote destinations, often with insufficient local medical knowledge.

Why DiveAssure?

Our specialty is diving insurance and we have been doing it exclusively since 1999. We work hand-in-hand with the diving medical team of Duke Dive Medicine at Duke University, NC, USA, to provide our members with medical consultation and assistance, given by the best professionals in the field. We understand the diver’s needs and so our plans include diving accident coverage, travel insurance benefits and additional unique diving related insurance benefits, all bundled together and offered exclusively by us.

Dive&Travel and Dive&Travel Plus

DiveAssure offers 2 dive and travel plans that provide comprehensive general travel and diving accident insurance. In addition, both plans include many benefits specific to diving such as coverage for lost diving days and trip cancellation due to inclement weather. The Dive&Travel Plus also offers comprehensive coverage designed specifically for liveaboard trips. This plan, as opposed to a general travel insurance program, will cover your trip expenses if you missed the departure of your liveaboard because your flight was delayed, or if you have to cancel your trip as you are medically unable to dive, yet in good health otherwise. Both annual multi-trip plans include, at no additional charge, coverage for local diving (our DiveSafe plan). Single-trip coverage is available for trips up to 180 days.

In an effort to be environmentally friendly, we now offer digital cards instead of plastic cards. Download our app to get your e-card or login to your DiveAssure account.

Please view the table below and see for yourself how comprehensive the two plans are:

Emergency Medical Evacuation - Diving Related