Diving & Travel Insurance

What Makes DiveAssure Your Best Choice?

  • DiveAssure members are eligible for the most comprehensive Diving Accident and Dive Travel insurance plans.

  • In any dive-related emergency DiveAssure consults the best dive medicine resources available.

  • We specialize exclusively in diving. Our expertise makes a difference.
  • We pay directly to service providers. You don’t have to leave a deposit or other guarantees.

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Why Do I Need Diving Accident Insurance?

Diving is considered a safe activity, however, in the unfortunate event of a diving accident, medical expenses can reach thousands of dollars.

Do I Need A Dive-Travel Insurance Policy?

While your diving accident policy will pay the diving related medical costs, you may incur other travel related expenses or lose  your trip investment.

Why Purchase Specific Coverage For Liveaboards?

Liveaboard trips have unique scenarios that might not be covered by a travel insurance program. The Liveaboard Rider includes this coverage.

How Do I Choose The Right Travel Policy?

Different insurance policies have different terms and conditions. Be sure to match the type of coverage you purchase to the nature of your trip.

Check out what our members & partners are saying about us.

Just had to drop a note tell you how well the Diveassure medical assistance program works! 50 minutes after arriving in Belize, my wife severely broke her arm. I emailed DiveAssure from an Internet Cafe and explained I was a member, that I lost my card and the situation with my wife. DiveAssure called and said everything was covered. They arranged for a flight the next day. I have never really planned to use the services that you buy insurance for, but this was money extremely well spent. To coin a phrase: DiveAssure – don’t leave home without it!!!
Mark and Linda Hannifin, Midland, TX, Family Scuba Center, Inc.
I was wondering if you have a thank you page to post for perspective buyers. I was reimbursed on a trip that was majorly delayed, and after about a month or so, I got your check. I thought for sure, after all the hurricanes this year, it would be denied for whatever reason, or delayed, but you folks came through. I wanted everyone to know how great of a program you have here. You also paid expenses for another person on the same trip that bought your insurance. You guys blow DAN out of the water.
Charles Balon
Thank you DiveAssure for your prompt action and years of service.
Roy Pargament of DiveAssure has been very pleasant and forthcoming handling the replacement of my BC identification card and required recognition. I wanted to allow DiveAssure company to know he and others respond quickly and professionally.
On a dive trip to Thailand we were flying between Phuket and Luang Prabang in Laos. Due to late arriving aircraft we missed our connection in Bangkok. We were forced to buy a new ticket on a different airline or spend the night in BKK and miss a day of touring in Laos. On our return home we presented DiveAssure with our travel delay expenses and were quickly reimbursed for the cost of the new tickets purchased to continue on our trip without the delay. I have been a member of DiveAssure for three years now and will continue with this valuable coverage.
Mona Cousens
My dive vacation was interrupted by a motor scooter accident in Cozumel Mexico. I had to have a major operation immediately followed by a medivac to Miami the next morning. My diamond dive insurance policy took care of everything. I cannot say enough about this insurance company, I can say this about your vacation, do not ride motor scooters and make sure your policy is current.
Ken Brewer
Due to health reasons, our daughter was advised to come back home (possible hernia) after being on the XXXXXXXX for less than a week (a 14 day scuba trip). She came home safely on Tuesday of last week. Your medical emergency team was great! Everyone was nice, efficient and everything went smoothly.
I want to thank you for that!