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DiveAssure Commitment to Dive Medicine

DiveAssure and Duke Dive Medicine (DDM) at Duke University, North Carolina have joined efforts to provide scuba divers with better care and knowledge of dive medicine. Through its collaboration with Duke Dive Medicine, DiveAssure now offers its members enhanced services and benefits.

DiveAssure membership makes it easy to access the dive medicine expertise of Duke Dive Medicine in situations where up to date medical knowledge is needed.

The DDM package of services includes

  • 24/7 Diving Emergency Hotline.
  • DiveAssure members may contact Duke Physicians for consultation on any diving related medical questions even if an injury has not occurred.

  • After an injury direct physician to physician consultation, evacuation consultation and treatment review is also available if requested by insured, DiveAssure or the treating physician.

DiveAssure & Duke – For Ultimate Scuba Diving Safety!

Please Note: Services included in the DDM Package are provided by The Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology (DDM). DiveAssure cannot be held responsible in any way for the professional services provided by DDM.