Dive Center General Liability Coverage

Running a dive business is fun, but at the same time carries responsibilities and certain exposure exists of being sued by injured divers or their families. Even the most responsible, professional and established diving business can face a legal claim as a result of a diving accident, slip and fall accident or other cases of legal liability and must be properly covered against such scenarios.  DiveAssure’s brand new liability plan is your best choice when looking for the right protection. With the highest and most comprehensive coverage, this plan offers all the coverage that you need and more, at the most competitive and affordable rates.

Liability coverage is mandatory by law in many countries and is considered an absolute “must” by the leading certifying agencies, including SSI, PADI and SDI-TDI. Accidents do happen and liability may exist that can ruin one’s personal wealth and health. The premium for liability insurance may possibly be one’s best investment ever, if circumstances turn bad.

DiveAssure’s new liability insurance plan is underwritten by CNA Hardy – a leading global insurance company, and provides excellent coverage to dive centers and diving professionals at extremely competitive rates.

With DiveAssure’s 20+ years of experience in the diving industry, and with an international and multilingual customer service call center at your service, you are definitely in good hands.

The DiveAssure liability program is endorsed by SSI and recommended by many other certifying agencies. Coverage is available to DiveAssure members world-wide excluding the USA and US territories.

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